Masking Features

The ARC Document Retrieval Service allows you to mask credit card, passenger name or commission information from any transaction detail window. At the bottom of the Input and Initial Response screen, you have the option to mask the Credit Card Number, Passenger Name, Commission Information or all three. To mask, go to the User Settings section of the screen and click the checkbox next to the information to be masked. Uncheck the checkbox to unmask.


When masked, the Passenger name is replaced with asterisks, the credit card number is replaced with asterisks accept for the last four digits and the commission amount or percentage is replaced with asterisks. The masked information will remain masked throughout your DRS session. When you log out of the system, the masking options will revert back to the default settings (no masking).


NOTE: Administrators can select which users or locations within your organization can view credit card, passenger name or commission information. If any selection is grayed out, your Security Manager or Supervisor has applied masking for you. Contact your Security Manager or Supervisor if the masking options need to be changed.