What are ARC COMPASS® and the ARC Document Retrieval Service?

ARC COMPASS is a data warehouse containing 39 months of travel transaction data settled by ARC as well as 18 months of Initial transaction data. It is the recognized industry data store and is the power behind a number of products and services including the ARC Document Retrieval Service.


The ARC Document Retrieval Service is a web-based storage and retrieval solution for ticketed transportation transactions. The service provides its users with secure and easy-to-use access to electronic versions of their ticketed transactions stored in ARC COMPASS covering the past 39 months.


What information is available?

The ARC Document Retrieval Service has all ARC-settled, ticketed transaction data going back 39 months from the present date as well as 18 months of initial transaction data.. The data is presented in a similar or identical format to that of printed tickets and eliminates the need to print and retain paper coupons.


When is information available?

The ARC Document Retrieval Service is available 24 hours a day seven days a week and information is updated daily, by 9 AM Eastern Standard Time.


How much does it cost to use ARC Document Retrieval Service?

There is no charge for access to the basic ARC Document Retrieval Service. It is a part of the ARC core products suite.


How do I sign up?

To sign up you can complete and submit a DRS application to ARC.  To request an application, please contact ARC's Customer Care Center if you are a travel agency or Carrier Help Desk if you are carrier. The Customer Care Center can be reached at +1 855.816.8003 or CCCHelp@arccorp.com. The Carrier Help Desk can be reached at +1 855.816.8007 or CHD@arccorp.com.  


If your organization is already using the service, its easy to add new additional users. Please see your organization’s designated Security Manager for more information.


How many users can one organization have?

An organization can have unlimited users.


Do I need any special software or equipment?

You need to have a computer an access to the internet. Please review the System Requirements section under Introduction for complete details.


How does a user login for the first time?

It's easy! Once you have account, go to the secure Web site. Type in your organization number (8-digit ARC number for agents and 3-digit carrier code for carriers) and your ARC User ID and Password in the appropriate fields. Upon initial login, you will be prompted to change your password.


What if I forget or lose my password or user id?

Your organization's Security Manager can easily reset your password if you forget it. Security Managers need to contact ARC to have your organization’s password reset.


If your password becomes compromised, the ARC Document Retrieval Service is designed so you can change your own password at any time. If it is your User ID that is compromised, your Security Manager will assign you a new one.


What if I need help using the system or want to report a technical problem?

Online Help is available from every ARC Document Retrieval Service screen. It currently includes several tutorials, an ARC Document Retrieval Service-specific glossary, and a list of common screen messages with causes and suggestions for proceeding.


Important News is located on the login page. This is where any irregularities regarding data availability are posted. It also includes notices of planned system maintenance. If you experience a technical problem that is not addressed in Important News, it is often a good idea to wait a few minutes and try again. If the problem persists, please contact the Customer Care Center if you are a travel agent at +1 855.816.8003 or CCCHelp@arccorp.com. If you are a carrier, contact the Carrier Help Desk at +1 855.816.8007 or CHD@arccorp.com.