ARC Accreditation Tool Training

The Accreditation Tool is a web-based user interface that enables you to access and complete the necessary information required to do business with ARC. In the past, you have been required to send us a paper application. But with this new tool, you can simply log into My ARC and submit your request online! It's that easy. Other benefits include self-servicing features like checking your submission status, messaging ARC via email, attaching documents electronically, accessing your information for 39 months, and much more!

The Accreditation Tool launched December 13, and it includes a select number of ARC's applications. We are continuing to work on enhancements, including increasing the number of applications and adding new features.

In preparation for the launch of this new tool, we held a series of webinars. If you submit changes on behalf of your agency, we encourage you to watch an archived webinar video below to learn more about the Accreditation Tool. You also can watch a brief tutorial video for a high-level overview of how to get started quickly.

Please revisit this webinar if you ever require a refresher!

ARC Accreditation Tool Tutorial
ARC Accreditation Tool Tutorial 5:03
ARC Accreditation Tool Webinar
ARC Accreditation Tool Webinar 22:07

Thank you for using the Accreditation Tool! We believe it will provide you with a quick, secure, efficient method for updating your information. In the meantime, we appreciate any feedback you may have for us. Contact our Customer Care Center at (855) 816-8003 or