Tip of the Week

Sales Report Authorization Reversal

Please note that agents can reverse the authorization of their sales reports as many times as they want, as long as it is before the report deadline. This feature may come in handy if you have submitted your ARC report, then realize that you have forgotten to include something important such as a penalty, credit memo, etc. The process of reversing your sales report is very similar to the process of submitting it.

From the ARC home screen, place a check mark in the box on the line of the corresponding period ending date. Then look all the way to the right of your page on the very same line, and click the letter "R," which stands for "Reverse." You will then be asked to enter the same password that you previously entered to authorize the report. Upon entering a valid password, the authorization of your report will be reversed. You then can make any corrections before re-authorizing your sales report. Please be mindful that a re-authorized sales report will be assigned a totally different confirmation number from the one assigned to the initial authorization.
If you have any questions or preferred to be walked through this process, please call the Customer Care Center at 703-816-8003.