Tip of the Week

Non-Accessible Sales Report Error (IAR)

In the past, while attempting to authorize your sales report, you may have run into an error message that read, "Non-accessible sales report." This error message comes up rather infrequently, but it can be a scary thing for an agency. If you happen to receive this error message after entering your password to submit, do not panic. It does not mean that all of your hard work has been lost or deleted from IAR. This error is the result of a small glitch in IAR that may occur from time to time, but luckily there is a quick and easy solution.

If you find yourself faced with this error message, simply click on the "Close IAR" link in the upper right corner of your IAR sales report screen. The system will then ask you if you would like to close the browser. Click the "Yes" button. IAR is a pop-up screen, so when you close that particular browser, My ARC should still be open in its own window. From the My ARC homepage, you will simply click on the IAR link again to open your sales report, and once again enter your password to submit. This should result in the successful authorization of your sales report.