Tip of the Week

Agent Automated Deductions & Sales Summary Adjustment Requests

With the hustle and bustle of an average reporting day, sometimes it may be difficult to remember every little thing. Realizing that you have forgotten to collect commission on a ticket can be very discouraging, especially if this is not discovered until the report has already been authorized and processed. If you find yourself in this predicament, here are two solutions that may assist you in rectifying the situation.

If the commission is $25 or less, you can perform an Agent Automated Deduction (AAD) in IAR. Log into your sales report, click the "add" tab, choose TD-AAD, and type in the ticket number on the right side. Once you click "submit," it will bring up the screen to input the dollar amount of the commission that should have been claimed on the ticket.

If the commission that you failed to claim was over $25, you will have to submit a Sales Summary Adjustment Request (SSAR) directly to the validating carrier. If you do not have an SSAR, you can print one directly from Section 3.2 page 8, of the online Industry Agents Handbook.