Tip of the Week

New IAR Refund EDIFACT Process - Updated

Please remember that ET Refund EDIFACT messaging will be activated with the following carriers on Thursday, April 28, 2011:

AF/057, AM/139, BD/236, CO/005, CX/160, DE/881, EC/284, EK/176, IY/635, KU/229, LR/133, LX/724, ME/076, MK/239, MW/415, OA/050, TS/649, UL/603, US/037, UX/996, VK/786, VS/932, WP/347, YM/409

Also please note that the following carriers have reverted to the standard IAR refund process and will not support ET Refund EDIFACT messaging until further notice:

AZ/055, CZ/784, ET/071, NZ/086, PR/079, PW/031

To ensure successful refund processing under the new IAR ET Refund EDIFACT procedure, please verify that you are using the proper commands in your GDS. Contact your GDS for any additional information regarding specific refund commands. If an ET Refund is being performed in IAR, it is important that the coupon status is OPEN at the carrier if that airline supports ET Refund messaging.

For a complete list of carriers that support ET Voids, ET Refunds and ET Cancel Refunds, and to see the remaining activation dates, please refer to the Carrier ET Matrix at: www.arccorp.com/forms/ops/doc141.pdf