Tip of the Week

Receiving Payments for Credit Memos in Memo Manager

Do you have a credit memo that you want to accept and receive the payment for? Please remember that to accept a credit memo for payment, you also have to "Pay Full" the credit memo to send it to IAR and therefore receive payment via your weekly IAR report.

At the Memo Detail screen,

  • Click the Pay Full button.
  • Once selected, the Memo Manager - Save screen displays, stating "Accepted amount is 0.00*. Are you sure you want to accept this memo?"
  • Click the Yes button to save the changes.
  • Once selected, you will see a confirmation at the top of the screen that the payment was successfully submitted to IAR.
  • Click the Cancel button to exit the screen without saving changes.
  • Once selected, the Memo Detail screen displays.
  • The amount will reflect the "Pay Full" amount of the memo.