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PED 11/13/2011

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Designation Restricted ARC Transactions

The Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) from time-to-time adds carriers to its Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN). Designation restricts ARC from processing any travel segment with these SDN carriers, currently: Cubana (CU/136); Sudan Airways (SD/200); Iran Air (IR/096); Mahan Air (W5/537); and Afriqiyah Airways (8U/546)

OFAC also maintains countrywide sanctions for certain embargoed countries, including but not limited to Cuba, Iran, and Sudan. Under guidance provided by OFAC to ARC, the processing of transactions with regard to carriers in these countries is also prohibited, currently: Iran Air Tours (B9); Caspian Airlines (RV/879); Iran Aseman Airlines (EP/815); Kish Air (Y9/ 780); Eram Air (YE); Air Koryo (JS/120); and Syrian Air (RB/070)

To ensure the continued integrity and value of the Area Settlement Plan (ASP) and agency channel, and to comply with federal law -- any transactions validated on one of these carriers or containing segments on one of these carriers that ARC discovers, will be rejected and placed in an error status in the agency's IAR sales report. The rejection of these transactions and placement in an error status will prevent associated funds from reaching ARC's ASP. This type of error cannot be corrected or modified in IAR and will instead require that the transaction be voided from the IAR sales report. ARC is required to notify OFAC of any rejected transaction, which will include the identity of the travel agent who originally submitted the rejected transaction.

If you have any questions related to this communication, please contact ARC's Customer Care Center at 1-703-816-8003 for additional assistance.

Phishing Emails Continue Targeting Travel Agents

Agents continue to report the receipt of new Phishing Emails from GDS's - but they are not from the GDS. The emails are from a fraudster trying to entice you and your staff to obtain new and important information. The email invites you to login into your GDS through clicking on the URL areas such as: "Account Activity Report is now available here" or "please go to your profile, complete the application upgrade", or "Learn more".

  • DO NOT CLICK ON ANY URL IN AN EMAIL that entices you to obtain important information and then instructs you to "login" using your GDS login, ID, keyword and/or password.
  • READ ARC's MOST RECENT FRAUD ALERTS FOR INFORMATION on what to do if you or your staff clicked on the URL and then used their Login, ID, and/or password to login to your GDS.
  • Click the link below for real examples of recent phishing emails:

In addition to our fraud alert e-mails and bulletins, you can now receive fraud alerts via twitter and find them on our facebook page! We want to ensure all agencies have quick and easy access to the info they need to help fight fraud.

Tip of the Week - ARC TALK

Please be mindful that in addition to our stellar CCC call center, and our email support through, agents can also utilize ARC Talk for ARC related questions and concerns.

ARC TALK is a community powered support site for ARC accredited travel agents. On ARC Talk you can ask questions, share ideas, engage in conversations with other ARC accredited agents, and much more. You may even discover that you have some of the same questions that have already been asked by other agents. Reading the responses that ARC has provided to them may very well save you a phone call or an email.

Come join our community. We want to hear from you!

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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