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Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention


A woman has called travel agents requesting tickets for same/next day travel. She advised that she is buying tickets for relatives to travel immediately because of a family emergency, such as a heart attack or a funeral. Additionally, she states that her brother may also call tomorrow to get tickets. Although this scenario may sound like a legitimate request for immediate departures, the fraudster is actually purchasing tickets for his/her passengers using compromised credit cards. They pocket all the money collected from their clients leaving you to pay for the chargebacks after the real cardholder denies the charges.

How can you identify and prevent fraud?

  • Establish a company policy that requires an unknown/local customer to come to the agency for a manual credit card imprint and original cardholder signature
  • Verify the cardholder's identity (Original Driver's license, ID card, etc.)
  • Verify local addresses and telephone numbers by using internet research (i.e., reverse address or telephone searches)
  • Call the phone number(s) given (calls go unanswered or the phone is now disconnected)
  • Use ARC's Red Flags list to assist in determining the risk of issuing the ticket*

If you suspect such a scheme and want assistance to assess the risk, contact ARC's fraud prevention team to at 855-358-0393, 703-816-8137 or

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