ARC Verified Travel Consultant Mark

Verified Travel Consultants (VTC) are a group of dedicated travel professionals within the U.S. travel industry who enjoy the benefits of ARC participation, but do not issue tickets for airline, rail or bus carriers. By becoming a VTC participant, you are recognized as a serious and respected travel seller and because it is the gold standard, your VTC membership is recognized by global, industry-leading travel suppliers, organizations and partners.

As a VTC, you have the opportunity to promote online the ARC VTC Mark to your clients, travel suppliers and other industry organizations.

How does this work?

Place your ARC VTC Mark on your website. Visitors can click on the ARC VTC Mark, and ARC Check displays verification of your VTC membership as well as your DBA name, city and state.

Choose from three ARC VTC Marks to use on your Web site.


Download for Web

Download for Print

*The ARC VTC Mark is for VTC agencies. Not a VTC? Learn about the VTC Program.

ARC Verified Travel Consultant Mark Usage Policy
By downloading, installing or using the ARC Verified Travel Consultant mark, you agree to adhere to ARC's Logo Usage Policy.

Termination of Use
Upon the termination of your agency's accreditation, you must stop using of the logo and remove it from all materials, products and services, regardless of whether such materials, products and services are preprinted or pre-existing at that time.

In the event of misuse of the ARC Verified Travel Consultant mark, ARC will take the necessary steps to stop the misuse and hold the responsible party accountable for the consequences.