ARC Market Locator

ARC Market Locator is a web-based data analysis tool representing the U.S. consumer air passenger market that is designed to help marketers and planners make informed strategic and tactical decisions that optimize marketing spend. Through a combination of the geographic location of the airline ticket purchaser, flight itinerary (e.g. origin, destination, marketing carrier) and other value-added information (e.g. premium vs. non-premium, U.S. Census), Market Locator provides unique and unprecedented insight into U.S. air passenger purchase and travel behavior.

By using multiple geographic aggregation options (mileage radius, metro area, city, state, ZIP code), it allows you to analyze the level of detail relevant to your needs - leading to more cost-effective planning and advertising. And you can be confident in the data you get from Market Locator; with tens of millions of ticketed transactions included, it is a substantial data sample that mirrors the consumer behavior you are likely to see in the broader travel industry.

Truly Accurate Point-of-Sale (POS) Data

Truly accurate POS data, to the ZIP code level, drives the statistics disseminated by Market Locator. It is a key component in the decision processes spanning the aviation and travel industries, including market analyses, route and air service development, or competitive benchmarking. Learn More

Timely Information

Market Locator allows you to view data back to September 2009, is updated on a daily basis and made available within a 5-business day window, and even provides forward-looking visibility for tickets that have been purchased but not yet flown. Learn More

Problem-Solving Capabilities

This tool helps provide answers to a myriad of questions that must be addressed in order for marketers and planners to effectively do their jobs. Answers to these questions can be applied to a range of uses, including market analyses, leakage and diversion studies, media buying strategies, marketing effectiveness, and competitive benchmarking, to name a few. Learn More

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