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ARC publishes the financial and operational summary below on a monthly basis providing key airline ticketing data for the benefit of ARC's stakeholders.

Carriers 193
Retail Locations1 13,781
STP Locations1 537
VTC Locations1 1,512
Average Daily Sales (calendar month)4 $13,656
  Months Year to Date
  Jul-12 % change
(same month
previous year)
  2012 % change
(same period
previous year)
Credit Card Sales $6,075,250,000 3.25%   $47,815,021,917 5.62%
Credit Card Transactions 10,391,338 2.05%   77,405,611 0.69%
Cash Sales $625,942,169 -2.80%   $5,325,245,433 0.76%
Cash Transactions 1,436,383 1.96%   10,951,243 -2.66%
Total Sales $6,701,192,169 2.65%   $53,140,267,350 5.11%
Total Transactions 11,827,721 2.04%   88,356,854 0.27%
Total Taxes and Fees $1,161,777,732 32.30%   $9,369,128,942 25.88%
Domestic Fares $3,016,981,719 -0.21%   $22,723,031,436 3.87%
Domestic Transactions 8,602,372 0.86%   62,410,933 -1.07%
International Fares $2,432,968,448 -4.40%   $20,397,577,594 -1.05%
International Transactions 3,225,349 5.31%   25,945,921 3.63%
Total Fares $5,449,950,167 -2.13%   $43,120,609,030 1.49%
E-ticket Percentage 99.82% 0.07%      
Number of Flight/Segment Details in ARC Compass3 3,063,534,406
Number of Unique Origin and Destinations in ARC Compass3,5 713,133
Number of Monthly Online Logins to ARC Data Services 221,959
1 Based on current active status
2 Based on reported/processed data by date of issue
3 Based on 39 months of tickets with itinerary and using ARC Origin and Destination logic
4 Average Daily Sales by ARC-accredited agency locations
5 Using ARC Origin and Destination logic
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