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It's hard to believe that a full year has passed since we announced that ARC's Board of Directors voted to approve revisions to your Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA); and now it's coming to fruition... Read More
Lauri Reishus,
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, ARC

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When will the revised ARA take effect?
The revised agreement will take effect in July 2013.
Will the changes to the ARA be reflected in the ARC Specialist Training and Examination?
Yes. The ARC Specialist Training and Certification Program will be updated to reflect changes to the ARA. This includes the training materials and the examination.
What does ARC mean by "Agent acknowledges that all Transactional Data may be used by Carriers and ARC for process Transactions, and any other lawful purpose."
The Agent can find complete details related to this statement published in our Data Usage Statement of the IAH. ARC added "and any other lawful purposes" to this updated agreement primarily as a matter of transparency. ARC has and continues to use Agency aggregated data in its data products (only the carrier involved in the transaction sees transaction level data for a specific agency). While ARC had made Agents aware of this in the past, we felt that, in line with ARC's more open and collegial approach with the agency community, this statement needed to be added to the ARA. It should be noted that ARC will never sell or release PII information to any agent, carrier or other entity not involved in the transaction.
Why is ARC making updates to the ARA?

The updated ARA offers ARC participating agencies more flexible, efficient options for accreditation and daily operations while maintaining the current operational integrity of ARC's reporting and settlement system.

The updates that were presented, and ultimately accepted by dozens of travel agency, airline, and travel association leaders throughout the United States, were a result of numerous conversations. There was a need to modernize the ARA both operationally and editorially. Although there have been amendments to the ARA in the past, which have allowed for modernization, the July 1, 2013 changes will encompass not just updates to the ARA itself, but it will also include complementary updates to processes closely associated with the ARA. For instance, the retention of one's ARC number should they move outside of the state for which that ARC number was issued.

Note: Two (2) main changes to processes that are not reflected in the ARA itself are multiple ARC numbers at one location and the ability to retain an ARC number when moving to another state.

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"ARC sought to meet the needs of today's travel agency. With such a diverse agency customer base to service, it cannot be easy, but with the revised ARA as an example, I look forward to more good things to come from ARC."

Barry Richcreek, co-owner of Richcreek Vacation Center

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