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U.S. Travelers Offer High Yields Sales and a Lucrative Market to Carrier Around the Globe

Carrier Participation


Why ARC Participation makes sense to carriers worldwide:
Critical Access ARC offers access to the lucrative distribution channels of the vast U.S. market, including 13,000 points of sale.
Rich Market Opportunity ARC settled $88.3 Billion in ticketing transactions in 2015.
Access to U.S. Corporate and Online Markets From the high yield corporate traveler, to popular online bookings engines, ARC's market reach is broad.
Carrier Branding ARC provides increased visibility and brand recognition throughout the world.
Direct Payments Carriers receive weekly cash settlement and enjoy daily credit card processing.
Industry Insight ARC COMPASS® supplies marketing and business intelligence data that helps carriers make important strategic decisions.
Data Security Carriers rely on ARC's Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification to store and maintain the integrity of passenger ticketing data.
Participation Levels We have cost-effective participation options for carriers of all sizes and business models, including internationally-based carriers.

Which carriers are currently participating?

What's Included

The following core services are included with our participation fee:

  • Weekly processing services
  • Weekly wire transfer to your designated bank account (additional $15 charge for international)
  • Preparation and electronic transmission of the Carrier Accounting Transmission (CAT) file
  • Preparation and electronic transmission of the Electronic Credit Card Billing (ECCB) file
  • Ability to revoke ticketing authority from any ARC-accredited agency location within 24 hours
  • One-time download of the Agency List File a data file listing all participating agencies
  • Risk management services
  • Assignment of dedicated account manager
  • Access to various on-line tools and reports.


ARC Carrier Participation