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PED 01/24/2010

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JetBlue Activates in ARC

JetBlue (B6/279) will activate in ARC effective with tickets issued on Saturday, January 30, 2010 (PED 01/31/10).

As a reminder, JetBlue is transitioning to a new reservations system that will enable industry standard electronic ticketing, plus standard reporting and settlement practices for agency transactions through ARC. JetBlue has elected the General Concurrence method of appointment whereby all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agents of JetBlue unless specifically advised to the contrary by the carrier.

JetBlue accepts American Express, Diners Club International, Discover, MasterCard, UATP, Visa and Cash as valid forms of payment through ARC. For more information about JetBlue please use the following contact information:
+1 800 JetBlue (+1 800.538.2583)

DL/NW Announce Phase 2 of Integration

ARC has been notified that on Saturday, January 23, 2010, DL/NW implemented Phase 2 of their integration. Please see details at

How does this impact ARC Reporting and Settlement?

Effective Sunday, January 31, 2010, ticketing transactions should be validated on DL/006. However, the exchange of NW/012 tickets to NW/012 will be allowed until June 30, 2010. ARC will provide more information about final phases of the integration as they are received.

For more information, please visit

Update on Early Bank Settlement in Error and Reversal for PED 01-10-10

ARC continues finalize resolution on the remaining issues related to the Agent Draft error of the 15th. We are pleased that the agency community has responded with patience and understanding to ARC's efforts to correct the error. We are continuing to contact agencies directly on all open items. In addition, travel agents are reminded that ARC will reimburse agents for any related charges incurred as a result of our error. Agents are asked do one of the following items in order to initiate these requests:

  • Mail a letter requesting the refund along with supporting documentation to ARC, Attn: Agent Draft Refund, 3000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22201-3862, or
  • Email supporting documentation to

Correspondence will be acknowledged within 24 hours and credits will be processed within seven business days of receipt. Travel agents are asked to contact ARC Customer Care Center at 703.816.8003 or through e-mail at with any related questions.

L'Avion Voluntarily Deletes From ARC

L'Avion (A0/015) is voluntarily terminating its Agreement with ARC effective February 1, 2010 (PED 02/07/10). Any outstanding A0-validated transactions submitted with agents' 02/07/10 PED sales reports will be returned to the agents unprocessed, and should be sent directly to the attention of L'Avion at the address below:

5 Allee du Colt Mouchotte
Parav Vieile - Poste
Wisous Cedex
91781 France

ARC Terminates Air Comet from ARC

As a result of the Air Comet (A7/352) suspension of operations, ARC will terminate the processing of transactions effective February 1, 2010 (PED 02/07/10). Any A7-validated transactions submitted with agents' 02/07/10 PED sales reports will be returned to the agents unprocessed, and should be sent directly to the attention of Air Comet at the address below:

Air Comet
Baha De Pollensa 21-23
28042 Madrid

ARC MarketPlace - Can Cozy Comfort Earn You More Commissions?

We need your opinion! Join us this Wednesday, January 27 at 1pm to kick-off the 2010 ARC MarketPlace webinar series. This month's guest presenter is Jim Levin, the founder of the "Cabin Cuddler" travel blanket. Jim has sold thousands of these cozy blankets online and in retail stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond. Jim hopes travel agents will be interested in selling the Cabin Cuddler as well - and earn a commission for doing so. Jim will talk about his product and how this could benefit you and your clients. We want to know - is this a product your clients would like? Would you sell it? Should we offer it on ARC MarketPlace? How much commission would make it worth your time?

Don't miss this unique ARC MarketPlace Webinar. Space is limited, so sign up now for this free session on Wednesday, January 27th from 1pm-2pm ET. You'll receive login/call-in instructions via e-mail, after registration and prior to the training.

We look forward to your participation!

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