Back Office System

A back office accounting system (BOS) enables a travel agent to store transaction information for reporting purposes. Types of reports can include financial, customer, travel patterns, settlement, general ledger and accounting. ARC developed a BOS file system that can be used as an optional reconciliation tool to identify discrepancies in net cash, net credit and/or net remit between data in IAR and data contained in the BOS.

There are two separate files available depending on the amount of detail needed. A user can request a list of transactions containing a summary of each transaction or a single detailed transaction. In addition, qualifiers can be used to further customize a file request.

Note: IAR processing allows for a sales report to be authorized with errors. If this occurs, the errors roll to the next open sales report. As a result, the IAR sales report and the agent's BOS may not reconcile.

For more information and detailed instructions on how to use BOS, please refer to IAR Online Help

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