ARC Memo Manager

Online memo distribution and settlement

Memo Manager

ARC Memo Manager provides an easy way for ARC participating travel professionals and carriers to electronically process and settle memos. This application allows processing of both debit and credit memos, two-way communication, and electronic payments. Data is housed in a secure central repository and remains available for review within ARC Memo Manager for 39 months.

The newest version of Memo Manager, MM3, is currently accessible through My ARC. It has a brand new look and feel and is the fastest version of Memo Manager to date.

Pricing and Ordering: Memo Manager is part of the core set of products included in the cost of participation for fully-accredited travel agencies and CTDs. If you are an ARC participant, register now.

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  • Accept or dispute memos online
  • Attach and share supporting documentation
  • Settle memos via IAR sales report
  • Correspond with carriers and GDSs in real time online
  • Eliminates the need to manually enter memo data into IAR
  • Provides immediate access to the status of a memo
  • Reduces processing time and costs
  • Provides easy access to data for analysis
  • Simplifies communication

Memo Manager is a web application which facilitates the processing and settlement of adjustment memos.

Memo Manager processes debit memos, credit memos, recall commission statements and Ticket Resolution Services (TRS) memos.

TRS memos are debit memos issued by a carrier for a carrier identified unreported sale, flown and refunded, or a credit card charge back transaction.

No, however it is recommended. If you are an agency, a carrier may only distribute their memos through Memo Manager.

Memo Manager reduces paper, reduces processing time and cost, eliminates mailings, provides easy access to data for analysis, provides immediate access to the status of memos, simplifies communication, eliminates the need to manually enter memo data into IAR.

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